After Sales Service



J.A Plant Pool Gh Ltd has developed a comprehensive infrastructure dedicated to the maintenance and repair of all equipment brands within its portfolio. Our commitment to delivering exceptional after-sales services extends across Ghana. We have established state-of-the-art, specialized service workshops in Accra and every region of the country, ensuring that our diverse range of products and light vehicles receive the best possible care.

These workshops are staffed by highly trained engineers, and they benefit from the support of expatriate representatives from the manufacturers of various equipment. Our objective is to provide outstanding maintenance and repair facilities strategically distributed throughout the nation, minimizing equipment breakdowns and downtime, especially during contracted projects.

Recognising the paramount importance of meeting performance standards outlined in our contracts, J.A. Plant Pool (Gh) Ltd implements several measures to ensure the highest levels of service delivery:


  • Our operators and drivers are not only experienced but also exhibit discipline and high motivation, contributing to the efficient operation of equipment.
  • We maintain a well-stocked inventory of spare parts and consumables for all our equipment, ensuring rapid access to critical components.
  • Mobile service vans and satellite service centers are positioned in all regions of Ghana, guaranteeing swift response times for equipment repairs.

We maintain continuous technical support from the manufacturing companies, making certain that their expertise is readily available to assist our Ghanaian counterparts in handling any faulty equipment.

At J.A Plant Pool, our unwavering commitment to service excellence is the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of our equipment and the satisfaction of our valued clients.


J.A Plant Pool Gh Ltd is your go-to source for a wide range of parts, whether you require new components, used parts, or reconditioned ones. We take pride in offering parts compatible with all leading brands, and our efficient logistics ensure swift delivery.

In critical situations, our 24-hour courier service guarantees rapid part delivery. Our extensive part store encompasses a diverse inventory, including new, used, aftermarket, and salvage parts. You’ll find everything from brakes, clutches, engines, and engine parts to tires, axles, exhaust systems, transmissions, radiators, truck cabs, hubs, doors, sleeper components, instrument clusters, fuel tanks, and much more.