About Us

J.A Plant Pool Gh Ltd. (JAPP) is a distinguished member of the Jospong Group of companies, a conglomerate known for its diversified holdings and commitment to delivering high-quality products and services in Ghana. With operations spanning various sectors, the Jospong Group has earned a reputation for offering competitive prices while prioritising simplicity and effectiveness in technology.

Over the past 15 years, J. A Plant Pool Gh Ltd. Is one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty trucks, earth-moving equipment, buses, lubricants, tyres, batteries, and parts in Ghana and beyond. Recently, JAPP has also expanded their portfolio to include SUVs.

What sets J. A Plant Pool apart is their unwavering commitment to comprehensive customer support. Beyond mere machinery sales, we provide robust service assistance, addressing issues, breakdowns, and general maintenance needs. This dedication has solidified our position as a trusted provider known for the safety, durability, and efficiency of our products.

Notably, J. A Plant Pool has made significant contributions to Ghana’s transportation landscape, having supplied over 1,000 Yutong buses. The brand has become synonymous with quality in the country. Additionally, we have delivered more than 1,000 heavy-duty trucks and earthmoving equipment to support the mining, construction, and haulage sectors.

In line with Ghana’s expanding mining and construction industry, J.A Plant Pool is well-prepared to meet the increasing demand for heavy-duty equipment and

machinery, playing a crucial role in driving economic growth. We also play a vital role in the construction of cocoa roads, supplying equipment to major construction companies.


Choose JA Plant Pool for experienced, high-quality equipment and services, competitive pricing, and reliable support.


To be the business of choice providing technical and logistics solutions in Ghana and West Africa by 2025.


Provide, facilitate and enable mobility.


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