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Service Overview

Light Duty vehicle service Activities

  1. Electronic System Diagnosis, Repair/Advice
  • European cars
  • Asian cars
  • American cars
  • Chinese cars
  1. General Servicing/Maintenance
  • Lubricants changing/Topping-up
  • Filters replacement
  • Repairs of pneumatic and Hydraulic system leakages
  • General inspection and adjustments of various systems
  1. Suspension & Braking System Repairs
  • Replacement of arms, bushings, shock absorbers, tie-rod ends, ball joints, hub bearings etc.
  • Changing of brake pads, brake disc, caliper, brake drums etc.
  1. Tyre Care (Vulcanizing)
  • Tyre changing, dynamic balancing, tyre rotation, inflation pressure checking etc.
  1. Air Conditioning Servicing
  • Refilling of refrigerant, checking of: receiver dryer, evaporator, condenser, compressor, hoses and pipes leakages
  • Replacement of AC condenser filter etc.


  1. Electrical System Repairs
  • Battery inspection & replacement, lighting system repairs, switches, bulbs etc.
  • Starter & alternator repairs, replacement of drive belts, wiper etc.
  1. Others
  • Washing of body, engine, under, inside, hovering etc.
  • Panel beating, body works and spraying

Provision of maintenance history, maintenance report and advice