after sales support

J.A Plant Pool Gh Ltd. introduces the Product and Service Support Packages for Customers. “Service Solutions that increase profitability and grants the customer total peace of mind to focus on core businesses.

J.A Plant Pool (Gh) Ltd understands that customers have different service needs and therefore we have created different Product Support Agreements to suit our customers’ specific needs. Our Product Support Agreements help sustain our customers’ profitability with complete peace of mind.

We ensure that your maintenance and repairs are performed by highly skilled, competent and trained Engineers, giving you more time to concentrate on driving your core business forward.

This gives you the opportunity to maximize the potential of your equipment, eliminating the risk, cost, disruption and loss of revenue caused by unplanned downtime.

The Product Support Agreements available are Gold Service Agreement, Diamond Service Agreement, Platinum Service Agreement tailored at meeting your specific needs.



J.A Plant Pool Gold Engineers shall conduct regular inspections on your equipment. Following the inspections, you will receive a report with identified potential warning indicators and recommendations for maintenance and repairs to prevent unplanned breakdown.


J.A Plant Pool Gold Engineers shall conduct Preventive Maintenance and Inspections for your equipment at every 250 hours as detailed in the Manufacturers operation and Maintenance Manual. The agreement provides owners a known cost of maintenance.



J.A Plant Pool provides total coverage for your equipment so you can concentrate on growing your core business. For fleet operators, J.A Plant Pool shall station highly skilled and trained Engineers on your site to provide all maintenance and repair services required for your equipment.

This agreement provides equipment owners a known cost of maintenance and repairs and enables owners to make long term financial plans avoiding unexpected costs.



J.A Plant Pool shall provide repairs for your major components in its Specialization Workshops nationwide. This includes Fuel Injection Pump and Injector Overhauls. Engine overhauls, Transmission or Gearbox Overhauls, Differential and Final Drive Repairs, Hydraulic Pumps and Motor Overhauls, etc. This agreement provides owners a known cost of maintenance and repairs for your major components.

Each of the agreements includes the supply of genuine spare parts and filters, training for operators, mechanics etc, maintenance and repair service records, periodic inspections and recommended actions etc

The agreements are flexible and can be extended to cover other service solutions including extended warranty, fleet management etc.