Comfortability, safety, reliability and intellectualization up to the international level. Low fuel consumption—the most economical choice nationwide. The style of HOWO-A7 comes from famous Italian engineers, adopted European classic style and showing the latest international developing trend. Superb art in domestic auto field, Full expression of heavy-duty truck concept. Delicate design, excellent technology, which will dazzle you as ground breaking works.

  Engine model  

 STEYR,6-cyl, EuroII                                                                                            


 WD615.87, 266 hp



 9.726L, 290hp                                                    

Clutch hydraulically operating with air assistance                                                    


 Gear box 10 F & 2 R                                                    



 U-profile parallel ladder frame with 850×80×8mm

 Rear suspension                                                

 12 leaf semi-elliptic springs ,and bogie springs,     

 Fuel tank capacity




 Hydraulic  power steering                                                      


 Service brake and Parking brake


 Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)

 9850*2496*3563 mm

 Gross Vehicle Weight:


 wheel base

 4300+1400 mm


 water tanker capacity

 18000 L