Superb art in domestic auto field, Full expression of heavy-duty truck concept. Delicate design, excellent technology, which will dazzle you as ground breaking works.

Comfortability, safety, reliability and intellectualization up to the international level. Low fuel consumption—the most economical choice nationwide.

The style of HOWO-A7 comes from famous Italian engineers, adopted European classic style and showing the latest international developing trend.

 Left Hand drive with front lifting  system                                                        



 Steyr 420 HP                                                        

 Long cabin sleeper with Air  Condition                                                        



 HW19710 (10f & 2R)                                                        





 Front Axle

 2 x 6500kg                                                        

 Rear Axle

 (steyr technology double-reduction drive  axle)                                                         

 2 x 13000kg                                                          

 Cargo Body 

 7000 x 2300 x 1500mm                                                         


 bottom 10mm, side 8mm                                                         

 Material of bottom plate

 16 manganese steel

Bucket Capacity

24 cubic