Wednesday, January 25th 2017


JA Plant Pool, the leading supplier of construction and mining equipment, has launched the Sinotruk A7 U-Shaped Tipper-Truck and a new water tank onto the market to enhance transformation in the construction and mining sectors.

Reverend Lolu Akindele, Managing Director of JA Plant Pool, explained that the smaller size trucks will address the challenges with axle load and other issues that the big-bucket truck pose to consumers.

According to him, unlike the older version, the new trucks are lighter in weight, smaller in size and more fuel-efficient. “The size of the bucket and weight of the vehicle have been reduced, making it possible for customers to carry more load and still be able to meet the new regulations on axle load.”

The new regulations on axle load, which took effect last year, reduced the load limit a 16-axle truck should carry from 68 tonnes to 60 tonnes. It was to help reduce the pressure heavy loads have on the roads and the impact on national expenditure for capital projects.

He added that the new trucks are manufactured to meet the Ghanaian terrain, guarantee more efficiency, higher returns and peace of mind.

“We are a customer-centric company that listen to its customers and ensure that we continuously improve on our products and services to meet the dynamic needs of our customers,” Mr. Akindele said.

He said apart from the supply of equipment, the company also provides effective after sales technical support to customers in the areas of maintenance, repairs and provision of genuine spare-parts.

With the new truck, the Association of Tipper-Truck Drivers said the challenges with law enforcers will be minimal and make it possible for businesses to grow.

The Plant Pool MD also assured customers of the company’s commitment to good customer service that helps grow their business.

Reverend Akindele said the company has stocked its warehouses with enough spare-parts to take care of customer needs.

“We do not just want to sell buses or trucks. We want to be a company that can take care of all your needs from sales to service -- such that you can concentrate on the business,” he said. 

Jerry Wang, Sinotruk Representative, said the trucks are robust and efficient as well as affordable. The introduction of the tipper-trucks follows on the heels of outdooring the Sinotruk T7H truck with MAN technology in January.